From conception to completion

Crypton will provide you with your very own project manager to discuss your requirements and advise the best ATL for your facility and needs, as well as provide a DVSA approved CAD drawing service to support your application. After installation, Crypton will offer an after sales service, covering calibration contracts, a three year warranty on parts, labour and MOT updates with the option to extend the care for a further three or five years.

Crypton have one of the strongest, and indeed, skilled distribution networks in the UK, who work with Crypton from start to finish, ensuring all customers and DVSA needs are met.

Site Assessment Ayr Audi

Step 1 - Site Assessment
The local area representative will visit your premises and recommend which ATL is right for your facility and needs. They will also identify the most suitable lift; Scissor or 4-Post and whether surface mounted or recessed or a pit lane would be more suitable, based on given available space and personal preference. Crypton also offer a complete DVSA approved CAD drawing service to support your application.

First cut of floor

Step 2 - First Cut Of Floor
All sizes are marked out on the floor before the first cut begins to make sure all DVSA size requirements are correct. Area depends on whether a Class IV or VII bay in being installed.


Step 3 - Digging
Digging commences to house the recessed lift and brake tester.

Concrete poured on floor

Step 4 - Concrete Poured
Digging commences to house the recessed lift and brake tester.

Shuttering Begins

Step 5 - Shuttering Begins
The shutter recess for the lift and brake tester is cut to the exact recess size so the concrete can be poured around the outside. Thus ensures a straight flush and level finish.

Brake tester shutter fitted

Step 6 - Brake Tester Shutter Fitted
Alternatively, a steel enclosure can be installed which gives peace of mind to the customer and ensures absolute accuracy and facilitates ease of installation.

Shuttering Removed

Step 7 - Shuttering Removed
Civil work takes 10-14 days to complete, to ensure concrete is set properly

Installation of the bay begins

Step 8 - Life & Brake Tester Installation Begins
Crypton have a dedicated team of installers so peace of mind is assured throughout the whole process.

Complete Bay

Step 9 - Bay Complete
Patrick said “Niall was very professional and helpful right from the start with my application to VOSA (now DVSA) and providing drawings and advice. I’m pleased with my choice with Crypton and Richard and Niall made what was a big step for me a lot less stressful than I expected.”

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