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MOT Bays & Automated Test Lanes

An ATL is a solid investment to boost productivity and profitability in your workshop. It is a completely modernised automated test lane that enables a full MOT to be carried out by one mechanic, r

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One Person Test Lane (OPTL)

A OPTL is the perfect solution to upgrade your existing MOT bay to one-person MOT status without paying for a brand new ATL. It is also a great opportunity to replace old equipment to meet DVSA req

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Vehicle Lifts

Crypton’s complete range of vehicle lifts are manufactured to the best quality and safety features in the industry. They provide an excellent return on investment and maximum reliability and effi

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MoT/ATL Components

Crypton ATLs are completely integrated products that can be purchased as a complete package or separately to upgrade your existing MOT bay to ATL status.

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Emissions Analysers

Used by National Fast Fit Operator's, Crypton's Emissions Analyser is one of the very best around. Its sturdy design, quality mobile cabinet and large 23" screen makes it perfect for hand

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Brake Testing Equipment

Crypton Automated Brake Testing Equipment has an in built weighting facility to cal

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