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Brake Testing Equipment

Crypton's automated Brake Testing Equipment has an in-built weighting facility to calculate the braking effort and efficiencies. The roller surface offer tyre protection, whilst providing a coefficient similar to the road surface. Motorcycle adaptor option for class I & II available.

Automated Brake Tester

New for 2021! Our latest Continental ATL roller brake testers are DVSA approved as

HGV Brake Testers

Making brake testing for HGV's easier and accurate
VDO, a brand of the Continental Corporation, supply a superior ...

A recognised and trusted supplier of brake testing equipment

Crypton is a globally recognised automotive brand with extensive experience in supplying, installing and calibrating vehicle workshop equipment. As a trusted supplier, we provide Automated and HGV Brake Testers to garages and workshops all over the UK. We're also  a founding member of the UK Garage Equipment Association (GEA) - this ensures that our equipment always meets the highest standards.

Automated Brake Tester

Brake testing could not be simpler with Crypton Technology’s Automated Brake Tester – drive on and let the brake tester do the rest! This innovative product has an integrated weighing system to automatically calculate the brake effort and efficiency. Additionally, a user-friendly remote control operates the brake tester with Crypton’s Combined Emissions Analyser and PC Control Station.

HGV Brake Tester

Significantly, our HGV Brake Tester (BM14200 Roller Brake Tester) can be controlled by one person - but most importantly, it makes brake testing easier and accurate! To complement this product, an entire range of Automatic Test Facility equipment is also available. This range includes beam testers, smoke testers, shaker plates and radius plates.

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