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Emissions Analysers

Used by National Fast Fit Operator's, Crypton's Emissions Analyser is the best on the market. Its sturdy design makes it perfect for handling the harshest garage environment and a 3 years warranty (as standard in the UK) ensures complete peace of mind.

Combined Emissions Analyser

The MOT Testers Favourite! Crypton's Market Leading Combined Smoke and Gas Emissions Analyser (CCP800 series) is DVSA ...

Smokemeter (Diesel)

Crypton's standalone smokemeter is DVSA and MTS approved for MOT or voluntary test procedures on diesel engines. This ...

Gas Analyser (Petrol)

Crypton's standalone gas analyser is DVSA and MTS approved for MOT or voluntary test procedures on petrol engines. It ...


The DAD-C1 is a Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI). It is used with the existing

We’ve been supplying emissions testing equipment in the UK and worldwide for over 40 years

All of this experience means that we’ve been a central figure in the measurement of emissions from vehicles for decades. Our emissions analysers have undoubtedly contributed towards the reduction of emissions worldwide and continue to do so on a daily basis. As a worldwide automotive brand, we put you in the perfect position with innovative, quality and time saving solutions that meet the latest customer legislation requirements.

CCP800 Combined Emissions Analyser

Our Combined Smoke and Gas Emissions Analyser (CCP800 series) is the market leader for testing both petrol and diesel engines. At Crypton, we’ve always believed in delivering products which are up to the job and represent a strong team investment. The CCP800 Combined Emissions Analyser is available with Extended Care Packages which consists of three and five year deals (including Manufacturers Parts and Labour Warranty, Calibration Contracts and software updates).

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our emissions analysers - we’d be happy to help!

Contact us on 0121 725 1400 if you have any questions about our Combined Smoke and Gas Emissions Analyser, our Smoke Meter (for diesel engines) or our Gas Analyser. We’ve been a prominent brand for garages and workshops for over 100 years - when it comes to vehicle workshop equipment, we’re the experts.

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