Smokemeter (Diesel)

Crypton's standalone smokemeter is DVSA and MTS approved for MOT or voluntary test procedures on diesel engines.

This smokemeter caters for cars, vans, trucks, buses, plus light and heavy plant machinery with sampling pipe options to suit different exhaust types.

The charging station keeps it warmed up for instant use and the automatic standby mode helps to preserve the battery life when the unit is detached. More info…


  • Quality mobile cabinet
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Mouse & keyboard with protective cover
  • A4 printer
  • Large 23" coloured screen for clear visibility
  • Battery RPM measurement
  • Oil Temperature Probe
  • Smoke Meter (see below)
  • Dimensions: 720 x 530 x 1,500mm 
  • Available as cabled or bluetooth
  • Euro 6 (diesel) software
  • Includes first 6 months of calibrations
  • Automatic calibration
  • HGV Reduced Pollution Certification test (RPC)
  • Sampling pipe options 
  • Robust and easy to handle
  • Well balanced
  • Weatherproof
  • Low warm-up time
  • Accurate measuring to at least -15°C. Wet or cold conditions present no problems to this emissions analyser


  • Wireless or cabled
  • Battery Tachometer
  • Wireless Battery Tachometer (BT Model only)
  • Wireless Temperature Probe (BT Model only)
  • Commercial Vehicle Sampling Probes

Calibration Contracts

Order numberCalibration Contracts
Keep your smokemeter calibrated to avoid any downtime. 
A2C8776190000 Calibration Contract 
  Renew annually


Smokemeter (CSP800) 
Battery Replacement
Bluetooth Communication for Oil Temp Device
Bluetooth Communication for Battery Tach Device
Bluetooth Communication for Smokemeter
Euro 6 (Diesel Update)
Maintenance Guide
Printer LED Indicators
Printer Sleep Timer Delay

Product Codes

MoT Approved Smokemeters  
A2C95363100 Stand Alone Smokemeter
  Complete with cabinet, PC, flat screen monitor, A4 printer, oil temperature probe and a 10m cabled smokehead.
A2C95363200 Wireless Stand Alone Smokemeter
  Complete with cabinet, PC, flat screen monitor, A4 printer, wireless oil temperature probe and a wireless smokehead.
Keep your smokemeter calibrated to avoid any downtime
A2C8776190000 Calibration Contract
  Renew annually

Spare Parts

Find a range of spare parts available to buy for Crypton's Smokemeter at Workshop Direct.

The CDSS6 derives engine speed by monitoring the alternator ripple voltage across the vehicle battery. There is a known limitation to the technology used and a range of vehicles will not respond, be unstable, inaccurate or unreadable. This is due to modern car charging being managed by electronic control systems. These systems drop or even turn off the charging system when it is not required. You can minimise the risk of this happening by loading the battery as much as possible, switching on the headlights, main beam, fog lights, spot lights, heated rear window, etc. However ensure that the interior fan is off as this can introduce interference. The DAD-C1 is a great alternative to solving this issue.
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Smoke Meter DX.260

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