Brake Pedal Depressor

Brake Pedal DepressorBrake Pedal Depressor
The brake pedal depressor provides a secure and constant pressure to lock the brake pedal in the depressed position, allowing you to inspect hydraulic components under the bonnet and underneath the vehicle, suitable for one man testing.

  • DVSA approved

  • Locks the brake pedal in the depressed position

  • Secure & constant pressure

  • Quality rubber grip



  • Quality rubber grip
  • Non-slip disc surface

Technical Specifications

 Class IVClass VII
Specifications of the Brake Pedal Depressor  
Weight 1.5kg 1.5kg
Force application 50kg for 5 mins 50kg for 5 mins
Length of application 72cm 72cm


ATL and OPTL brochure 2017 >>>>


Product Codes

Brake Pedal Depressor
A2C88534000 Brake Pedal Depressor
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