Headlamp Aligner

Crypton Headlight AlignerCrypton Headlight Aligner
Crypton Headlight Aligner
Crypton Headlight Aligner
Correct aligned headlights can make a direct contribution to safety of the road.

New in 2019, this laser aimed headlight aligner is fast and most importantly, very accurate. It is rail mounted to manoeuvre easily.

  • DVSA approved

  • Suitable for cars, light commercial vehicles & HGVs (classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7)

  • Suitable for xenon lights

  • Digital LUX metre

  • Foot control



  • Wide and clearly marked screen
  • Digital LUX metre
  • Suitable for Xenon lights
  • No power supply required
  • Surface mounted rails (also suitable for recessed lifts)
  • Mirror marked with guidance lines
  • Counter balance optical box
  • Foot control
  • Robust design
  • Rail length options: 3m for cars, 4.3m for HGV
  • 1.3m extension rails (HGV version)

Technical Specifications

Models available  
HLA2400  MOT Approved for Cars
HLA2400-HGV MOT Approved for HGVs
Specification HLA2400 HLA2400-HGV
Height 1700mm  1770mm
Width 610mm  610mm
Depth 610mm  610mm
Maximum measuring height 1500mm  1500mm
Minimum measuring height 240mm  240mm
Focal length 500mm  500mm


Brochure & Manuals

Headlight Aligner Flyer >>>>

Commercial Vehicles Headlight Aligner Flyer >>>>

Headlamp Aligner Manual >>>>

Product Codes

Headlamp Aligners
A2C88741600 MoT Approved Headlamp Aligner *
  Supplied with 3m of rail length. * Installation and level certificate available at extra cost.
A2C87810599 HGV MoT Approved Headlamp Aligner *
  Complete with 4.3m of rail length. * Installation and level certificate available at extra cost.
A2C89000100 Extensions rails for use with headlamp Aligner 1.3m long

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