Jacking Beam

Crypton supply a 2 tonne and 2.8 tonne jacking beams for classes IV and VII.

All Crypton jacking beams are roller mounted to run smoothly and safely along the platform and positioned low on the lift for clear vehicle access. On the class VII scissor lift, it is positioned under the platform, preventing the buildup of debris and offering a smooth movement and longer bearing life.

The support arms slide freely in the jacking beam frame to accommodate any sideways movement of the lift platforms. Rubber topped lifting pads are supplied as standard and fit anywhere over the length of the beam.



  • Rubber topped lifting pads
  • Designed to fit Crypton lifts
  • Finger protection
  • Two level safety catch to provide a stable work platform in case of accidental lowering
  • Fully extendable arms
  • Roller mounted for a smooth effortless movement
  • Positioned low for clear vehicle access
  • Adjustable rubber topped lifting pads
  • Finger guard fitted as standard

Class VII NT Scissor Lift:

  • Jacking bam runs under the lift platform
  • Prevents buildup of debris
  • Smooth movement
  • Long bearing life

Technical Specifications

Lift/Pit 4-Post 4-Post Lift Pit Lane Pit Lane Scissor Scissor
Lifting Capacity 2.0 2.8 2.0 2.8 2.0 2.8
Weight (kg) 87 87 87 87 113 113
Air pressure - bar - - - - 6-8.5 6-8.5
Air flow - - - - 0.42 0.42
Hydraulic pressure - bar 248 248 248 248 152 152


Jacking Beam (Air 2.0 and 2.6 tonne) - Manual
Jacking Beam (Hydraulic 2.0 and 2.6 tonne) - Manual
Jacking Beam (Air 3.2 tonne) - Manual

Product Codes

Jacking Beam
2910002236800 Class IV Jacking Beam (Air / Hydraulic)
  2T capacity for Crypton Scissor Lift
2910002236900 Class IV Jacking Beam (Manual)
  2T capacity for Crypton 4-Post Lift
2910002237000 Class VII Jacking Beam (Air/Hydraulic)
  2.6T capacity for Crypton Scissor Lift
2910002237100 Class VII Jacking Beam (Manual)
  2.6T capacity for Crypton 4-Post Lift
2910002237600 Class VII Jacking Beam (Air/Hydraulic)
  3.2T capacity for Crypton 5T 4-Post Lift
Support Arms
2910002237700 Arm kit 2/2.6T beam Classic Scissor Lift (exposed rails)
2910002237800 Arm kit 2/2.6T beam NT Scissor Lift (rails inside platforms)
2910002237900 Arm kit 2/2.6T beam 4-Post Lift
2910002238000 Arm Kit 2/2.6T beam pit using lip arm (angle iron)
2910002238100 Arm kit 2/2.6T beam preformed pit arm
2910002238200 Arm kit 3.2T beam NT Scissor Lift (rails inside platform)
2910002238300 Arm kit 3.2T beam 4-Post Lift
2910002238400 Arm Kit 3.2T beam Pit arm

Spare Parts

Find a range of spare parts available to buy for Crypton's Jacking Beams at Workshop Direct.

ProductView Spares
Jacking Beam SD
Jacking Beam UK
Jacking Beam 2.0T Air SD
Jacking Beam 2.0T Manual SD
Jacking Beam 2.6T Air
Jacking Beam 2.6T Manual
Jacking Beam 3.2T Air

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