Wheel Play Detectors

Wheel Play Detectors - Crypton TechnologyRemote with an integrated LED torch for efficient testing
Wheel Play Detectors - Crypton Technology
Wheel Play Detectors - Crypton Technology
Wheel Play Detectors - Crypton Technology
Wheel Play Detectors - Crypton Technology
The wheel play detectors quickly and accurately check for wear in a vehicle’s suspension and steering.

Moving independently of one another, each plate performs a different function operated by a robust remote control with an integrated LED torch.

The right hand plate applies load to the suspension components using a lateral movement to check for any play in the joints, whilst the left hand plate applies a turning action to determine any wear in the steering joint and steering rack.

Hydraulically operated and made from strong galvanised steel, the plates provide a long lasting construction and maximum power for any workshop that is in constant use.



  • Hydraulic operation for maximum power
  • Two sets of moving plates for increased wear protection
  • Auto self centering
  • Operate by remote control with an integrated LED torch (wireless remote with all Scissor lifts)
  • Right hand plates performs a lateral movement
  • Left hand plate performs a rotation movement

Technical Specifications

Specification4-PostScissor LiftIn-Ground
Max. capacity 1300 Kg 1300 Kg 1300 Kg
Max. stoke of the platform + 40mm + 40mm + 40mm
Max. angle of the platform + 10° + 10° + 10°
Max. thurst of each plate 800 Kg IV: 6kN VII: 8 kN 8 kN
Weight 90 Kg 85 Kg 45 Kg
Power 3 Kw 3 Kw 3 Kw
Max. Oil pressure 185 Kg/cm2 123 Bar 165 Bar


MOT Bay and ATL Brochure 2017 >>>>

Product Codes

Pit Play Detector
A2C88615400 Class 4/7 Pit Play Detector
  Class 4/7 Play Detector for use on pit installations
Play Detector Hose options (1 required)
A2C88514600 2m Hose
A2C89973400 3m Hose
A2C89989900 4.5m Hose
A2C89942200 6.5m Hose
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