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MOT Bays & Automated Test Lanes

An ATL is a solid investment to boost productivity and profitability in your workshop. It is a completely modernised automated test lane that enables a full MOT to be carried out by one mechanic, rather than the two required in a standard MOT bay.

Without worrying about additional labour costs, other profitable services and repairs can now be carried out by the second mechanic at the same time. This not only dramatically reduces your costs per MOT, but offers a more efficient and better level of service for your customers.

An Automated Test Lane (ATL) includes:

  • Lift (4-Post or Scissor) or a Pit Lane. Dual Revenue Lift also available.
  • Control Centre with Windows 10 PC, 23" screen, mouse, keyboard & printer in a mobile cabinet
  • Connected Market Leading Combined Smoke & Gas Emissions Tester (CCP800 series)
  • Connected Automated Brake Tester
  • Brake Tester 4x4 facility as standard
  • Brake Tester Cover Plates
  • Turntables
  • Wheel Play Detectors (Wireless with Scissor Lifts)
  • Headlight Aligner (Laser aimed)
  • Jacking Beam (Manual and Hydraulic options)
  • Convex Mirrors x2
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • First 6 months of calibrations included (emissions tester, brake tester & headlight aligner)
  • Project manager
  • Consultation, includuing measuring
  • CAD Drawing Service
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Three years Manufacturer's warranty

Pit Bay for MOT Bay/ATL

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4-Post Lift

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Why Choose Crypton for your MOT Equipment

At Crypton, we're committed to supplying exceptional ATL lifts including scissor ATL lifts, pit ATL lifts and four post lifts. Because our products are designed to maximise customer satisfaction as well as productivity in the workshop, we have the confidence to offer a three year warranty to the UK market. 

"Garages should look like they can do the work and have the equipment to do the work. We have used several manufacturers in the past, but more recently and going forward, we will be using Crypton. We have gone for Crypton's combined emissions tester because of its robustness and ease of use. However, the real bonus is the back up and attention from the Crypton team, both technically and sales. They get things measured up, ordered in, supplied and fitted. Here's to a long robust relationship!" D&G Autocare.

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