Wireless Tablet Driven MOT Bay / ATL

Revolutionise your MOT bay with a 10" wireless tablet for complete flexibility and efficient testing. The wireless tablet offers:

  • Enter results instantly onto the DVSA online system as you move around the MOT bay

  • Operate the emissions analyser without returning to the workstation

  • Operate the brake tester without leaving the vehicle

  • Print results wirelessly

  • Complete with case, network cable, WiFi dongle and product support



  • 10" wireless tablet
  • Mains charger
  • Network Cable
  • WiFi dongle

Separate internet connection must be available and is not included as part of the package.

Available with any Crypton ATL package or Combined Emissions Analyser:

  • 4-Post MOT Bay / ATL >>>>
  • Scissor MOT Bay / ATL >>>>
  • Pit MOT Bay / ATL >>>>
  • Combined Emissions Analyser >>>>

Technical Specifications

Wireless Tablet Driven ATL 10" 580g


MOT Bay and ATL Brochure 2017 >>>>

Combined Emissions Analyser >>>>

Product Codes

Wireless Tablet Driven ATL
A2C38192800 10" Tablet, WiFi dongle & Network cable.
  Optional with Combined Emissions Analyser or Automated Test Lane.
  Subject to your internet connection confirming to DVSA specification.
  Separate internet connection is not included as part of the package.
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