Choosing between a 2-post lift & 4-post lift can be confusing. Here is some guidance to help you decide.

4 Post Lift Crypton Van

Besides the difference in the number of posts, the 2-post lift and 4-post lift both have a range of advantages and disadvantages over each other.


  • Ideal for long term car storage as the platforms supports all four wheels
  • When raised, another vehicle can be stored under (depending on the combined height)
  • Driving on to load and position the vehicle is easy and quick
  • Suitable for MOT's
  • Ideal for some maintenance work, but hinders work on tyres and suspension unless lifted off the platform by a jacking beam
  • 4-post lifts can be recessed to load cars with exceptionally low floor clearance
  • Take up more space than 2-post lifts
  • Priced slightly higher than 2-post lifts due to size and materials


2-Post Lifts

2 post lift C2L3000E Crypton

  • Due to it's baseless structure, the 2-post lift offers better access to the underside of a vehicle for repairs
  • Leaves a vehicle's suspension hanging, making tyre changes easier than 4-post lifts
  • Asymmetrical arms positions the vehicle one third of the way inbetween the post (as opposed to half way), avoiding the risk of damaging the vehicle's doors
  • Takes up less room
  • Costs less than 4-post lifts
  • Long storage is not advised as it does not support the wheels of the vehicle
  • 2-post lifts can sometimes be difficult to position since the arms need to be located in a specific spot to ensure that the vehicle is secure




When purchasing a vehicle lift, the following factors should be considered:

  • What application will the lift be used in?
  • Will the lift be used to store vehicles on a short-term or long-term basis?
  • The range of vehicle accessibility required
  • The type of vehicle you will be using it with

At Crypton, we find our 2-post lift, such as our C2L3000E is more suited for service work and repair, particularly for underneath a vehicle, whereas a 4-post lift is good for MOT bays and freeing up garage space for another vehicle.

If you are interested in a 2-post opr 4-post lift, you can see our range on our website or give us a call to discuss your specific needs and we will help you find the on that is right for you.  

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