The advantages and disadvantages of 2 post and 4 post lifts. 

Garage equipment is crucial to the operation of any garage, vehicle test centre or MOT station. As a result, it’s clear that choosing the right vehicle lift is of paramount importance - it can be a challenge to decide between a 4 post lift and a 2 post lift (since they both do a similar job).

When purchasing a vehicle lift, the following factors should be considered:

  • What application will the lift be used in? 
  • Will the lift be used to store vehicles on a short-term or long-term basis?
  • The range of vehicle accessibility required

The advantages and disadvantages of 4 post lifts and 2 post lifts below should help to take some of the confusion out of the decision.

4 Post lifts

Crypton 4 post lift 

Advantages of a 4 post liftDisadvantages of a 4 post lift
Long term storage is possible as the car is fully supported, including the wheels. 4 post lifts are costlier than their 2 post counterpart.
Loading and positioning the vehicle is easier as the vehicle is driven directly on to the lift. 4 post lifts are larger and take up more space in the garage than 2 post lifts.


2 Post lifts

Crypton 2 post lift

Advantages of a 2 post liftDisadvantages of a 2 post lift
Due to the nature of the frame-only support structure, 2 post lifts offer better accessibility to the underside of the vehicle. A 2 post lift is anchored at all times and not portable. This could be an advantage depending on your specific requirements.
2 post lifts are cheaper to purchase than 4 post lifts. Long term storage is not advised as the 2 post lift supports the frame of the car only, and not the wheels.
2 post lifts take up less room. 2 post lifts can sometimes be difficult to position since the arms need to be located in a specific spot to ensure that the vehicle is secure. Each vehicle is different, meaning that this can be a challenge.


2 post lifts are a great option for garages as they provide temporary lifting and storage (ideal for multiple repairs during the day) however, 4 post lifts are quicker and simpler to operate meaning that more repairs can be carried out in a certain amount of time. 

Crypton Technology supplies 4 post lifts, 2 post lifts and other garage equipment for garages, MOT centres and vehicle test centres. 

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