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Our Market Leading Emissions Analyser will deliver reliable results for years to come, but with tight legislation on emissions, it is extremely important that your machine remains calibrated and up-to-date to meet the latest DVSA requirements.

Our optional 5 years Extended Care package will provide you with first-class product support for your emissions tester. We'll arrange all your calibrations and routine consumables, replace any damaged or worn parts and you'll be at the front of the queue to receive the latest MOT software (petrol) updates when they're released by DVSA at no extra cost. To break it down:

  • Extended manufacturer's warranty 
  • Legislative Calibrations (2 gas and 1 smoke per annum)
  • Routine Consumables (fitted by a UKAS engineer at time of calibration)
  • DVSA MOT Gas Updates (Legislative diesel software updates is not included).

Can I purchase an Extended Care package?

Our Extended Care is only available to purchase with the Combined Emissions Tester (CCP800 series) or CGP800 Gas Analyser up to the first calibration (approximately 6 months) from date of purchase.

What happens after the 5 years is up?

After 5 years, you can then purchase a Calibration only contract or a Standard Care package to extend your warranty further into Year 6 and Year 7 of your tester's life. Alternatively, if you want to benefit from the Extended Care package again, you will need to purchase a new Crypton Combined Emissions Tester or Gas Analyser. 


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