New Emissions Standards Affects the MOT from May 2018.

emissions standards euro6 crypton news From the 20th May 2018, all MOT stations will be required to update their emissions testers or buy a compliant Euro 6 machine to test to the new diesel smoke limits set by the Euro 6 legislation and MOT gas data update.

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the sixth instalment of the European Union, which aims to significantly reduce the levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions in diesel engines. Euro 6 was introduced in December 2015, where all mass-produced cars sold from this data have to meet these emission requirements. 

What does the new emissions standards mean for MOT Testers?

From the 20th May 2018, it will be a legal requirement for all MOT stations to test emissions to the new emissions standards for both petrol and diesel vehicles. However, the new regulations from Euro 6 has permitted a dramatic drop in emissions limits to a maximum of just 80mg/km, compared to 180mg/km that was previously required to meet the Euro 5 emissions standards. This will result in some units being unable to measure to the new limits and will therefore need to be replaced. All units capable of measuring to the lower limits will require updating prior to this date. All MOT stations are also responsible for ensuring their emissions gas analyser (EGA) data is up-to-date by the same date.

Compatible Emissions UnitsIncompatible Emissions Units
Crypton CCP/CSP 800 (680EN1 Gas / DX.260 Smoke) Omitec OM1500
Crypton CCP/CSP 700 (680EN1 Gas / DX.260 Smoke) Omitec OM1500CV
Omitec OM2600 (OM4600 Gas / OM1700 Smoke) Omitec OM2500
  Omitec OM4500
  Dieseltune DX211
  Crypton 600 series (hardware upgrade available for all 600 series units)

What are the next steps in preparing for the new emissions standards?

If your emissions unit is compatible for Euro 6, you will need to contact Crypton or your local distributor to order a software upgrade for your machine. You will need to do this in advance of the 20th May 2018 deadline to minimise disruption.

If your emissions unit is NOT compatible, you will need to purchase a new emissions tester. However, if you have a CCP600 series, you have the option to purchase our hardware upgrade package. This includes:

  • Windows 10 PC
  • RPM
  • Gas analyser module
  • Oil temperature probe
  • Euro 6 software
Crypton’s CCP800 Combined Emissions Analyser for diesel and petrol engines, and CSP800 smoke only diesel unit are market leading emissions testers and come with the new smoke software upgrade, the latest MOT update and 3 years warranty.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or call Crypton on 0121 725 1400.


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