Crypton has received DVSA approval on Connected Equipment.

connected equipment
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have announced the introduction of Connected Equipment.

This new rule requires certain MOT equipment to be capable of connecting to the MOT online system in order for test results to be transferred automatically.
Chris Price, DVSA head of MOT policy said: "We're bringing in connected equipment to modernise testing in MOT garages and reduce the potential for mistakes. It will make testing quicker, more accurate and give motorists greater confidence in the quality of testing."


    This rule does not apply to any current equipment you have, unless you need to replace it.

Brake testers are the first to be connected from October. "From 1 October, anyone buying a roller brake tester will need to make sure it's a model that can connect to the MOT testing service," said DVSA.


    As a founding member of the GEA, Crypton have been working closely with the DVSA and are pleased to highlight that our complete range of class 4 and class 7 brake tester models have been approved as Connected Equipment.


Our diesel smoke meters and exhaust gas analysers are currently being tested ahead of the introduction for emissions and our headlamp aligners will follow.

For more information, please call Crypton on 0121 725 1400.

Crypton – A Brand of the Continental Corporation 


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