Crypton can now offer dual revenue lifts for workshops wishing to expand into car wheel alignment work on their auto lifts, while still carrying out MOT tests.

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Dual revenue lifts are an attractive option for garage owners looking to purchase a new auto lift. This is because they allow you to carry out a wide range of MOT and car wheel alignment work. But what precisely are they, what are their appeal, and what features are included with Crypton’s own 4 post dual revenue lifts?

What is a dual revenue car lift?

A hydraulic car lift for garage applications, dual revenue is a great option for workshops looking to improve their service offering while saving on space. A dual revenue lift differs from conventional car lifts because of their built-in rear slip plates.

While a conventional hydraulic car lift is designed solely for MOT lifts, the addition of the slip plates means dual revenue lifts can be used for wheel alignment as well as for the MOT. Garages with dual revenue car lifts can therefore use them as a conventional car lift, while also bringing in more business.

With that in mind, tyre wear has always been a big issue for motorists, so the ability to remedy it is commercially attractive to garage and workshop owners to avoid turning away further business.

Our dual revenue 4 post lift can be bought on its own or as a One Person Test Lane (OPTL) or Automated Test Lane (ATL). 

Automated Test Lane

An ATL is already an attractive investment for workshop owners looking to increase profits and improve efficiency. A completely modernised solution, it allows a single mechanic to carry out work on an MOT lift, rather than the two required in a standard MOT bay. 

Dual revenue lifts bought as an ATL can therefore further increase this advantage, as more work can be carried out more efficiently in more pits and bays. As the dual revenue lift can operate as both a conventional 4 post lift / MOT lift, this allows for more work. As such, mechanics can carry out car alignment to reduce tyre issues.

Consequently, workshop owners with an ATL dual revenue lift can dramatically reduce their costs per MOT, reduce labour costs and deliver a quicker and more efficient level of service. 

One Person Test Lane

A one person test lane is ideally suited to mechanics looking to upgrade their existing MOT bay to one-person MOT status, but may not want to purchase a brand new ATL.

Investing in an OPTL with a dual revenue lift gives workshop owners the opportunity to expand their offering to customers in a more cost-effective fashion. As well as allowing for more wheel alignment work, an OPTL dual revenue post lift package also represents a great opportunity to replace old garage equipment and meet DVSA requirements with minimal disruption.

How do Crypton’s dual revenue lifts stand out?

Crypton’s dual revenue 4 post lifts are available in a variety of lifting heights and capacities suitable to a wide variety of garages. Like car scissor lifts, this car lift’s compact design allows workshop managers to maximise the space available to them with more services provided in just one lift.

Manufactured to ensure they are of the highest quality, the 4 post lift has several safety features. This includes an overload safety valve and mechanical safety device, to protect mechanics carrying out MOT lifts and wheel alignment.

Our 4 post car lifts are available as surface mounted or recessed, and are suitable for multiple lifting capacities, including class IV vehicles up to four tonnes, and class VII vehicles up to seven tonnes. Each four post lift also includes turntables, wheel play detectors and a brake pedal depressor. They also feature an attractive checker plate surface to provide a safe, anti-skid platform when carrying out car wheel alignment and MOT lifts. 

Additionally, the modern, dark grey appearance of the 4 post lift helps it stand apart from other car lifts for garages. The colouring helps the revenue lift blend in easily with a wide range of workshop equipment. 

In conclusion, the added rear slip plates on dual revenue 4 post lifts allow mechanics to carry out wheel alignment on the same vehicle lift that they would carry out MOT tests. As additional equipment is not required to carry out this wheel alignment, the garage can save on space, while offering an additional service that reduces other tyre issues.

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