DVSA have announced a workaround for garages who are unable to meet the Euro 6 emissions deadline...

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On 20th May 2018, the EU Roadworthiness Directive introduces new emissions limits for diesel vehicles at MOT inspections. This is a mandatory upgrade and all vehicle testing stations must do this. It will not be acceptable for garages to not make this upgrade. 

DVSA have announced that they are aware of two issues that garages are finding:

  • Availability of upgrades following order by 20th May
  • Not receiving new smoke meters following order by 20th May

For both situations, DVSA have now highlighted that a workaround is possible until 30th September 2018 if an upgrade or new meter have been ordered. 

During that period you may be asked to provide evidence that an upgrade or new equipment has been ordered.

In any other circumstances of your equipment not being able to test to the new standards, you cannot carry on MOT testing.  


For more information, please read the Special Notice 6-2018 from DVSA or call Crypton on 0121 725 1400.


Crypton – a brand of the Continental Corporation 


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