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Brake tests are one of the more crucial aspects of a vehicle inspection due to the possible devastation that can occur as a result of faulty brakes. The Crypton automated brake tester is used by MOT stations and authorised test facilities to evaluate the performance of a vehicle’s braking system.  

So how do brake testers work?

The brake tester’s mechanism safely measures the maximum braking force of a vehicle while the vehicle is stationary. It consists of an automated weighing system that accurately calculates the braking efficiency of the vehicle.

The brake tester consists of weighing cells on each side of the unit with a safety roller that detects whether a vehicle is present in the tester - this will also monitor any tyre slippage.

The vehicle is driven onto the brake tester with its wheels centrally located between the two larger main rollers.  The brake tester is designed with a gritted surface to ensure maximum tyre protection and to simulate a common road surface. Once the vehicle details have been entered the rollers are then automatically switched on and rotate at a designated and consistent speed. The vehicle’s brakes are then applied by the operator, thus creating a force on the motor. A transducer measures the braking force of each wheel as the vehicle decelerates. During the process fluctuation is also measured to determine the safe balance of braking force between near and off side wheels calculating the difference in percentage form.

Our testers are easy and efficient to use. The user can operate the brake tester whilst sitting inside the vehicle by a user-friendly remote control via Crypton’s control station (combined emissions analyser). Due to the smooth and automatic running of each roller, the operator can also feel for any grab or binding that occurs whilst sitting in the vehicle during the test.

Crypton, a brand of Continental is one of the most recognised suppliers to the automotive trade. We supply automated brake testers and HGV brake testers as part of our garage equipment range.

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