Advice on operating and maintaining your 4-post lift.                                                                                           

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4-post lifts are a valuable asset for garages. Available surface mounted or recessed into the workshop floor, 4-post lifts are an ideal solution to suit the specific needs of different workshops. They are hydraulically operated with two platforms, making them appropriate for raising most vehicles, providing they are not too long to fit on the platform. They are supplied with DVSA approved wheel play detectors and turntables as standard, which also makes them an all-round lift to use for MOT testing. 

Before operating a 4-post lift, it is essential that you carefully review the safety information laid out in the manual for your model, which can be found in our downloads section.

Please note: The details outlined in this article are a general overview of how to use a 4-post lift.

All lifting equipment should only be operated by authorised personnel trained in the safety and operating procedures involved in vehicle lifting. 

Before operating a 4-post lift, it is important to carry out safety checks. Some of the major areas to check include:

  • Safety locks and latches
  • Hydraulic, chain and cable connections
  • Tightness of fittings (nuts, bolts and screws)
  • Damage to cables, wiring, switches and bodywork

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extra long 4post lift crypton Operating your 4-post lift

Loading – Once the checks have been completed, ensure that the mechanism is fully lowered before driving the vehicle onto the lift slowly. Assistance to ensure that the wheels are aligned correctly is strongly advised. Before raising the lift, ensure that the wheel chocks are positioned firmly either side of at least one of the wheels.

RaisingNo person should be in the vehicle when raising the lift. Once the lift is at height, the load should be supported by the stopping wedges (which will be engaged automatically). It should never be supported by the lift cables.

Before lowering the lift, ensure that the area below the lift is free from any obstruction, personnel and/or equipment. The wedges will disengage automatically when the lowering button is pressed. Once the lift is fully lowered, the vehicle can safely be driven off.

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Maintaining your 4-post lift

It is important to maintain your lifting equipment regularly to ensure it remains in good working condition. A regular maintenance program will extend the life of the equipment and should consist of:

  • Bodywork – Repairing scratches or imperfections to the paintwork and keeping the lift clean and dry will prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Maintenance schedule – A regular maintenance check will alert the operator if any parts need repairing or replacing before it becomes a problem. This will reduce downtime and related costs.
  • Servicing – General inspections, electrical system checks should be done at regular intervals to keep the equipment working in optimal condition.

    For further information on maintenance regulations, please click on the following links:
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

Crypton offers a wide range of 4-post lifts up to 5 tonnes and a 6.5m platform to accommodate from cars up to long-wheel base vehicles. As a founding member of the GEA, our 4-post lifts are designed and engineered to be best in class for a safe, reliable and long-term investment.

For help choosing the best 4-post lift for your garage needs, browse our range online or get in touch with us for further information.


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