Crypton have upgraded their scissor lifts with modern and innovative new features.

Supplied with wheel play detectors and turntables as standard, the NT scissor lift has a wirelessly-operated wheel play detector control for complete mobile flexibility when inspecting a vehicle’s steering and suspension. With the removal of uncessary cables, this provides a hassle free and safer working environment. The control also contains an LED torch for supreme visibility.

The key advantage of the NT scissor lift is the two independent hydraulic systems. This guarantees a quiet, powerful and reliable synchronization when lifting and lowering vehicles.

The load is safely locked at any height you require and for added safety and stability, the dual hydraulic system acts as a backup system if one system fails, making mechanical synchronisation ropes and safety ratchet obsolete.

The jacking beam rails have been positioned under the lift. This innovative design prevents the build-up of debris, which normally gathers when positoned inbetween the lift. Thus, allowing the jacking beam to run smoothly along the rail and benefit from a longer bearing life.  

To finish off, all of our MOT lifts have powder coated platforms and an attractive, unique quality checker plate surface, providing maximum protection against corrosion and longevity of service.

DVSA approved, the NT lift has a 4.0 tonne and 5.0 tonne lifting capacity and includes a wealth of standard and optional features for ATL and MOT testing on class IV and class VII vehicles.


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