The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (2006 No. 3289) (WEEE) is a UK legislation designed to address the environmental impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

This regulation ensures that products are recycled using the best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques to ensure human health and high environmental protection. It means that you can return waste electrical equipment to Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd when you are purchasing a new product from us*.

We will then deal with the waste product in an environmentally responsible manner, at no cost to you. Both Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd and our customers can assist in recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment.  We cannot recycle it unless you return it, so our customers have an important role to play in helping us to recycle. 

*It has to be like for like (e.g. a Portable Navigation for a Portable Navigation).

When you buy a new electrical appliance from us, what do you do with your old one?

When you have finished with a WEEE product, please do not put in your domestic waste bin, as it will not be recycled. 

Alternatively, please use the Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd Takeback Scheme!

1.    Contact alex.hallett-ext@continental.com to arrange a convenient time for you to deliver the old item back to us (at no cost to you).
2.    Quote your Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd order number and describe the item that is to be recycled. This will enable us to double-check it is similar to the item we are supplying and therefore that we are able to recycle it.
3.    Provide details of the pick-up address and convenient times for collection.
4.    Carefully package any item for collection in advance to avoid transit damage.

Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd is registered as a producer under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (2002/96/EC) with registration Number: WEE/KC0054TQ.


As a producer of industrial batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, we Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd produce lithium, NiMH, NiCad and lead acid batteries. We are obliged to take back free of charge waste industrial batteries supplied to an end user for treatment and recycling. We are required to do this in any calendar year we place new industrial batteries on the market. If any of our customers or in certain cases other end users, require us to take back Industrial batteries, they should contact Andy Jones at andy.jones@continental.com. We will agree the necessary arrangements for the return, proper treatment and recycling of the waste industrial batteries. 

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