Crypton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of MOT and vehicle workshop equipment. Crypton has been the brand of choice for over 100 years and has remained at the forefront by supplying innovative, reliable, professional, time saving and most importantly, quality equipment.

At Crypton, we believe in delivering products which are up to the job and represent a long term investment. Crypton is a founding member of the UK Garage Equipment Association (GEA), the leading representative body, which controls standards and equipment approvals together with the DVSA. As a result, you can be rest assured that our equipment meets the highest standards, safety approvals and latest legislation requirements, especially with a class leading three year warranty.

As a brand of leading tyre specialist Continental, Crypton enjoys the powers of innovation and technological expertise from a leading automotive supplier, as well as a comprehensive distribution network that have been carefully selected in terms of location, expertise and their ability to serve our customers from start to finish.

If you have any questions or would like further information on our Crypton equipment, please contact our team on 0121 725 1400.


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